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Tech News - Manufacturer and Supplier of Notebook, Labels, Calendar, Stationery, Post Cards, Brochures, Posters, Magazines, Wallpapers, Flyers, Sell Sheets, Inserts, Multi-Page Publications, Books, Newsletters, Catalogs, Directories, Pamphlets, Reports, Identity Cards, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Invitation Cards, Annual Reports, Artistic Books, Carry bags, Diaries, Leaflets, Office Stationery, Publicity Posters, Promotional Material, Stickers, Text Books, Visiting cards / Business Cards, Wall / Table Calendar, Wedding Cards, etc -
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Gokul Offset

Why Gokul ?

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Our Vision

For the past 11 years, our customers have chosen us for our

  • Quality

  • High Tech Facilities

  • Personal Service

  • Accessibility

  • Reliability

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Creativity

  • Variety

  • Excellence

  • Experience

In our printing rooms, each job is treated individually with respect to its own character. With a top of the line printing technology combined with our legendary skills, we deliver printing to meet your expectations and your deadlines most accurately.

By placing responsibility for everything in our hands the client can be assured of a uniform quality and appearance in all aspects of their advertising and promotion campaign. This is essential for reasons of corporate identity. Importantly, it also permits GOKUL OFFSET to offer the quality products and service.

Please send us an

e-mail message at

describing your requirements and we will send you pricing information tailored to your specific request.

Alternatively you can contact us at


for your business requirements. We believe that we offer the very best price / quality / service. So that you get better value for money.

Quality, research, reasonable pricing and "delighting" our customers will bring increased growth. Dedicated, knowledgeable employees and the use of state-of-the-art equipment will increase productivity. Combine the above with smart business practices, business unit development and aggressively seeking new markets will create profitability and growth.

We specialise in many printing and graphic design areas and continue to explore new markets to bring success for our clients and our business philosophy.

Our business approach is simple: to provide our customers with quality work for the lowest cost at the time specified and with this comes an ever-growing list of satisfied customers.